1.   Can you have our logo on the package?

Yes, CS LASHES is Original EquipmentManufacturer and we provide great products for many famous brands on thebeauty market;


2.   How long can you ship out thegel under eye patches normally?

For an OEM order of around 10,000 pcs,it usually takes us around 20 days to ship under gel eye patches out!


3.   What’s the coating of the gelunder eye patch, is it lint free?

Yes, all our gel under eye patches arelint free. The special coating makes eye lash extension more convenient andsafe.


4.   Does the coating of your undereye patch reflect lamp light? Eyelash stylist shall feel uncomfortable shouldthe coating reflect the light.

The coatings of under eye patches ofsuper white and super thin are matte. Thus enables stylist to speed up the lashextension procedure while at the same time protect the stylist’s eyesight.


5.   What shapes of gel under eyepatches can you manufacture?

Since the foundation of our factory, wehave produced more than 20 different kinds of shapes. Any shapes can beproduced as long as you specify your requirements.


6.   Why under gel pads feel morecomfortable than adhesive tape?

The raw material of gel under eyepatches is far different from adhesive tape. Hydro gel is adopted in the eyepatch. Hydro gel can not only stick to skin, but also moisture the skin, whereasclients shall feel hurt some time while peeling off adhesive tape.


7.   Is gel under eye patch stickyenough to hold the under eyelashes firmly?

Our gel under eye patch is speciallyformulated. It can be as sticky as adhesive tape. At the same time, the degreeof stickness can be adjusted based on customer’s requirements.


8.   How can I reach your factory?

Our factory is located in hebei, China,south to Beijing. All clients are welcome to inspect our factory, machines andworkers. Experienced workers, advanced technology, various machines and greatmanagement system enable us to provide you with better products and service.